Lodz Ghetto Interactive Project

June 1, 2013 By wbsuper 3

Continuing our commitment to keeping memories of the Holocaust alive, our latest project with the Jewish Holocaust Center (JHC) wrapped recently.

Collaborating with Jayne Josem, Curator at the JHC, we developed a unique non-linear interactive narrative that recounts stories from the Lodz Ghetto in Poland.

The Łódź Ghetto (German: Litzmannstadt Ghetto) was the second-largest ghetto (after the Warsaw Ghetto) established for Jews and Romani in German-occupied Poland. Situated in the city of Łódź and originally intended as a temporary gathering point for Jews, the ghetto was transformed into a major industrial centre, manufacturing much needed supplies for Nazi Germany and especially for the German Army.

This new interactive experience, optimised for tablet devices and access over the world wide web, focuses on the story of childhood friends and rebels Abram Goldberg and Bono Wiener and their fight against Nazi oppression.