Phantoms Are a Hit: Music Video Wins Awards

October 2, 2014 By wbsuper 0

Wishbone lent its creative talents to the creation of a music video that has won Best Film in the 2014 Online Video Awards.

You can watch the film here:

The film was made for Melbourne Indie band “Phantom Hitmen”, who needed a music video for their hit single “Beautiful Mind” in preparation for their upcoming European Tour.

The concept for the film came together over several workshops using Lean Film-making techniques. The musicians collaborated closely with the film-crew and creatives to craft and hone the story line. After a weekend of test shoots, the final film was shot over an intense 2-day schedule.

This project was made using Lean Filmmaking.
The talented production crew included:

  • Abhijit Chattaraj
  • Josipa Kosanovic
  • Chris Keogh
  • Melissa McLeary
  • Matt Rossner and
  • Heather Cassidy